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Come see me at my very first book event on June 27 in SLC

Ashley Amber doubles as a ballroom and musical theater dancer and a romcomdram author, currently on a journey of dance auditions and manuscript queries.

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Although I’ve been dancing my entire life, it wasn’t until 2006 that it became something I loved ​to do. Why? Because of High School Musical. Inspired by the brand new DCOM at 11 years old, I ​spent one afternoon teaching myself the choreography to “We’re All In This Together,” and ​when my family was impressed that I was able to learn it all within an hour, I realized this may be ​more than just a hobby.

After becoming a self-taught Hip Hop, Breakdance, and Ballroom dancer, I finally began ​Ballroom lessons at 19, achieving first and second place scores in four competitions throughout ​2015. The following year, I became a trainee instructor at Arthur Murray for a short period.

After becoming busy with other life things like making magic as a Disney cast member for five ​years and focusing on my writing, I admittedly pushed my love of dance aside until early 2023. ​Fed up with the writing job I had at the time and greatly inspired by a production of Joseph and ​the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat I saw the previous summer, I realized what I truly needed ​to be doing was dancing. So, I quit my writing job and began Musical Theater dance lessons at ​the North Shore Music Theater in Massachusetts.

I’ve taken Musical Theater and Tap dance lessons with Broadway choreographer Diane ​Laurenson, NSMT performer Ellen Peterson and instructor Amy DiMatteo, with plans of ​dabbling in Contemporary, and have begun my journey auditioning for local musicals.

When I’m not in lessons, you can find me dancing, choreographing and sometimes hosting ​tutorials on Instagram, TikTok and Youtube!


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even if you have nowhere to do it but in your own living room.

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My writing journey began when I wrote my first picture book at 9 years old that I entered in a Reading Rainbow ​contest, earning a certificate from LeVar Burton. Five years later, I rediscovered my love of writing at the age of 14. ​A+’s and AP English recommendations in school let me know a career in writing was a possibility, but it wasn’t until I ​was well into my 20s that I realized it was something I needed to be doing.

While still in my teens, I went from fanfiction to novels when I wrote and self-published my first novella titled ​‘Masterpiece’ under a pen name at the age of 17; a story I would love to rework and republish someday!

My debut novelette The Flip Side of Sad was a story 10 years in the making that I finally decided to self-publish in ​2021. Its sequel The Flip Side of Love was released a year later, with a third book in the series in the works!

I made my poetry debut in 2021 in the LGBTQIA+ anthology Deviant: Chronicles of Pride by Ink Feathers Publishing. ​My poem “Ace of Hearts” kicks off the Asexual Confessional section, showcasing the struggles of asexuality with ​some plays on words. I also had the honor of writing the back cover blurb for this anthology. Another poem on ​asexuality, “Feels Right,” is featured in the 2024 LGBTQIA+ anthology Collective Humanity by Collective Tales ​Publishing.

When I’m not working on my Flip Side Series, I’m querying my manuscript and am currently seeking literary ​representation for this LGBTQIA+ NA novel. A member of the community myself, I found it important to write a story ​showcasing every important aspect of an LGBTQIA+ person’s life and pulled inspiration from my own experiences ​and the bigoted comments I heard from people around me.

As for the writing I do to pay the bills, I work at SoapHub, where I publish articles daily on all things General Hospital,Days of Our Lives and more. I also write for MJ’s Big Blog, where I live-blog and recap reality shows like Dancing With ​The Stars, combining my two loves — writing and dancing — in what I considered a dream job opportunity when I first ​scored it back in 2021. I also offer magical freelance articles about Walt Disney World to The DIS, and previously ​worked as a Senior List Writer and Peer Mentor at Collider, where I wrote over 300 listicles.

Articles about General Hospital, ​Days of Our Lives, Bold and the ​Beautiful and Young and the ​Restless


Catch me live-blogging ​shows like Dancing With The ​Stars, The Voice and more!


A former cast member writing articles about all things Disney Parks!



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James Letta is the world's newest ​singing sensation. But for someone ​who always sings such happy music, ​he sure is sad. While on a promo tour ​for his new album, James has what ​he thinks is the hardest day of his ​career... until he has to relive it. A ​ghostly spirit decides to trap James ​inside his own album in order to ​make him learn the lessons of its ​lyrics, hoping she can help him get ​on the flip side of sad.

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Everyone’s favorite singing sensation is ​back with a brand new song, in a brand ​new city… but this time, he’s got a ​girlfriend. James takes Spirit on the road ​with him where they kick off the first day ​of tour in London, England. But when a ​romantic end to the night turns a little ​too truthful and Spirit’s magic gets the ​brunt, Spirit sends them magically back ​to the start of the day; a day they must ​relive until they make a choice: Spirit’s ​powers, or their love?

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Maybe you know, maybe you don't. ​Maybe you relate to one, maybe you ​relate to many. Maybe you're an ally... ​or maybe you are just deviant.

Let your pride flags fly high as you dive ​into this collection of poetry and prose ​from writers of every colour of the ​rainbow. In a celebration of discovery ​and acceptance, these writers share ​their experiences of intersectionality, ​(in)visibility, orientation, identity and ​so much more.

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Through unique voices of queer ​authors and allies, this anthology ​explores the complexities of the ​human experience. We present tales ​of bravery, despair, and rejoicing; our ​short stories and poetry remind us ​that humanity’s sometimes dark, ​sometimes discouraging, journey ​towards empathy will ultimately lead ​to the realization that, at our core, ​we are all simply different hues on ​the human spectrum.

Better to write for

yourself and have

no public, than to

write for the

public and have

no self.

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Eastern US Dancesport Championships - 2015

Beginner Rhythm 🥈

Yankee Classic - 2015

Beginner Smooth 🥇

Mass Dancesport Challenge - 2015

Smooth 🥈

Commonwealth Classic - 2015

Rhythm 🥇

AuthorsDB Book Cover Contest - 2013

Bronze Winner

“Let The Games Begin” by AJR Music Video - 2015


That time said my name!

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about my dancing...

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Can this be the type of person to populate TikTok?

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It's amazing to see someone who excels in both creative worlds.


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You are an inspiration to all those who feel they could never do such a thing.

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You’re kind of a big deal!

Bordo Ballroom

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This takes a lot of courage to post dance videos!

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You’ve got some moves ​for sure.



about my writing...

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Our editors were impressed by the creative character introductions to queer characters.

Q* Anthology for Queer Culture

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I see your novel is self-titled because you’re a masterpiece!

Actor Nate Hartley

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Love this article.

Thank you for writing it!

Adam F. Goldberg

(on Ashley's article)

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Amber's inventive story is bound to Flip any frown upside down for both young and old.

The Smart Cookie Philes

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I am 60 years old and Ashley’s story brought tears to my eyes.

Beta Reader

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She’s a

voice that gives.

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and you should too!

Northeast Animal Shelter resides in Salem, MA and was first introduced to me as the shelter where I adopted my cat of 16 years.

As an avid animal lover and activist, I love supporting this shelter as much as I can, most notably with my big Christmastime dropoff with food, gifts and hand-cut blankets for the pets in need.

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Crush Kids’ Cancer: Archie’s Angels became a top fundraising team for Stand Up 2 Cancer in 2008, and has since raised nearly $100k for SU2C.

As a childhood cancer survivor, I joined the Crush Kids Cancer team at 17, during which I was named the President of the team’s Kids Chapter.

After raising over $20k during my first summer fundraiser and attending the 2012 SU2C live broadcast in Los Angeles, I’ve continued keeping the team thriving despite the deletion of our official SU2C team page.

An awesome dude I know named Adam Met launched Planet Reimagined in 2020, a nonprofit focusing on sustainability and fighting the climate crisis.

I had the opportunity to work behind the scenes on fan-run raffle fundraisers for the organization in both 2021 and 2022, which collectively raised over $7k.

After gaining a strong interest in politics in my mid-20s, I became a HeadCount volunteer, registering voters in

New England.

From 2019-2021, I registered dozens - from first-time voters to those needing to update their voter info - at unique places like Prides, my first Jonas Brothers concert, and a historic carousel’s birthday party.

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I discovered Carolina Waterfowl Rescue when they were in desperate need of clasps to save turtle shells and I just happened to have a bunch of extras that I was able to send their way.

I’ve since followed and supported their mission of saving the lives of wildlife.

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For business inquiries in either dance or writing, email: